Advice & critique needed

I need the eyes and knowledge of the experts!

First, this is a decorative stocking and isn’t intended to be a wearable.

  1. Does the ankle need to be longer?
  2. Does the heel need to be more square?
  3. How far should I make the foot before decreasing for the toe?

Pay no attention to the poor tension and wonky decreases. :joy::joy:


If it were me I would make the foot (measuring from the heel turn) as long as the cuff, measured to the top of the flap (in your picture about 3 inches) then decrease for the toe.

The pictures are of the standard baby sock I make, but it is to the “normal” sock dimensions.

Hope this helps.

That’s very helpful! Thank you!

I love this! I agree - the foot should be about the same as the leg :slight_smile: