A smiley in a comment

This is going to be one of those face-palm ones, I know, but how do I put a smiley in a comment which is a reply to a post, as opposed to in a new post? I am using a laptop and I can only find one lot of smilies, the ones below the box that says “Write something …” but that is for new posts. When I click on “Comment” I get a text box, but no option that I can see for inserting a smiley. I see other people have done it, so I know it is possible - help!

I don’t think it’s possible to put an emoji in a comment unless maybe you copy/paste one in. The comments don’t appear to have the same text editing capabilities. That may be in order to keep the page cleaner.

I tried copying and pasting an emoji here, but it won’t let me. Maybe using the coding works? Testing :smile:

Edit: Nope! Looks like no emojis in comments, but you can always use the text version. :slight_smile:

Edited again! Using the text version works!! So the smile above was made with a colon and an close parenthesis.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Yay, it works! Thanks :smiley: I will have to try to remember the “text smilies” I used for text messages on my old-style phone - progress, huh!
Edit 2: It only does some of them, not others. Never mind, it’s not a national disaster - thanks, again.