3rd Week Drawing for final stage (ends Sunday night)

3rd Week Drawing for final stage

For all those who completed this week’s challenge, even if you didn’t complete a challenge for a previous week, you are eligible to win this lovely prize of Finn fiber, in the Radiance colorway, from Three Waters Farm, compliments of @Carlota . She shipped it to my house and I have to say, you’ll love it!

So to be reminded, the rules for participation are simple–you need to have had at least 6 days (since we have 2 extra days) where you’ve spun for at least 20 minutes (or did fiber prep or plying, etc). Again, this is on the honor system and we’re not going around checking to see if you did that or not. So, if by Sunday evening, the 20th, at midnight CST you qualified for this week’s drawing, please comment below and post your name. If you care to show a picture of what you did or at least tell us about it, that would be awesome. Also, please note that even if you weren’t able to do last week’s contest, you can still qualify for this week’s drawing if you met the above specifications for this week.

If you’ve already met that qualification, feel free to go ahead and post your name; you don’t have to wait until Sunday to do so. But to keep it fair, no posting after midnight on Sunday, please! You actually get a couple more days this week, so if you had a busy week, you might still be able qualify!

Please put your name below and don’t forget to sign up for any other contests you qualify for–each one will be done separately. Best of luck!


I’ve already qualified for this by spinning every day for a total of 5 hrs, 10 minutes, spinning over an hour on my Challenge day and also making something with my handspun. I will probably spin the 2 extra days, just so I can say I did it!!! LOLOL

Yay, that’s the way to go for it!!!

Yes, finish strong!!! :slight_smile:

Okay, before I get sidetracked by what needs to be done today, I am going to post. I have spun at least 30 every day except for 2. Here is a photo of all of the spinning I did- alas, the ones on bobbins have a wait to be knitty-noddied. I am having rotator cuff issues. Luckily it doesn’t bother me when I am spinning.


I spun and plied these two skeins this week; 100g ch-ply light worsted. copper/brown wool. and finished plying this tonal blue. the plan is to use these together.

Also plied a skein of my Dorset/ Polypay blend. shown here on an overfull plying spindle. and a full spindle of singles of the same.



Aches and pains are real! I pulled a shoulder muscle this past week and spinning (even winding onto a niddy-noddy) seems to aggravate it. Thankfully the SdF is ended and I can take it a bit easier, but I totally get it–so those things can wait. So glad you qualified!

I love those 2 colors–I think they will make a gorgeous combo! And that overfilled spindle–I’m in awe! Congrats for qualifying.

I’ll post the prize later this afternoon. Have a busy morning! Tune back in this evening!

@MollyOMali - you are the lucky winner of the 3rd week prize drawing! Enjoy this lovely fiber donated by @Carlota ! Please PM your address to me so I can mail it out to you this week. :slight_smile:

Congratulations @MollyOMali ! Hope you have fun!

Oh my gosh! How exciting! Thank you so much! This was so much fun! I really appreciate everyone’s work to make this so enjoyable!