#26 - Tunisian Straw Stitch

[SIZE=16px]Hello Everyone & Welcome Back! :fk:

Today we’re exploring a very pretty stitch pattern! The Straw Stitch.

This stitch was created by Raffaella from Raffamusa Designs.

I made a VIDEO to demonstrate this stitch. It’s amateurish, but I hope it helps.

This pattern creates a lovely, ribbed fabric without a lot of density. Unfortunately, it has quite a bit of curl.
A hook 3 times larger than the ball band recommends, loose tension and blocking can alleviate most of the curl.

The Straw Stitch incorporates only 2 stitches, TSS & TSSBL over a 1 row repeat.

TSSBL Insert hook, from front to back, between the last stitch used and the next stitch of the previous row. Use the throat of the hook to pull the back bar of the next stitch to the front of the work. Yarn over, pull up a loop.

Begin with a Basic Foundation Row:
Create an even number of chains.[/SIZE] [LIST=1]

  • [SIZE=16px]Insert your hook into the back bump of the second chain from the hook.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Yarn over and pull up a loop. Leave that loop on your hook. Repeat steps 1&2 across the row. This is your "Forward Pass". Don't turn your work.[/SIZE] [/LIST][SIZE=16px]Return Pass: Yarn over and draw through one loop only. [B]* [/B]Yarn over and draw through two loops.[B] *[/B] Repeat [B]*-* [/B]to the end. You should have one loop on your hook.

    These steps create the foundation row. You’ll see your vertical bars across the row and proceed to make different types of stitches in the remaining rows of the work.

    Begin Pattern:[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=16px][B]Forward Pass:[/B] Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, *TSS, TSSBL*, repeat *-* to last stitch, TSS in the last stitch.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=16px][B]Return Pass: [/B]Basic return pass.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16px]Repeat to desired length.

    Bind off in pattern.

    Have a Happy Day! :fk:

    Free Pattern
    Tunisian Crochet Cottage Potholder[/SIZE]


  • I love the way this chains up the block. :slight_smile:

    Looking forward to trying this stitch, got to do the wave stitch first.

    Oh I really love the look of this stitch! I want to finish my pumpkins first but then I’ll definitely be trying this one out. Thank you Debbie. :grin: