#21 - Tunisian Basketweave

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Today we’ll be discussing the Tunisian Basketweave pattern!

A video tutorial for the TSS/TPS variation of the Tunisian Basketweave is available from HappyBerry Crochet.

The Tunisian Basketweave incorporates the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and Tunisian Purl Stitch (TPS) or Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS). There’s no rule regarding the number of stitches to be used in the Basketweave pattern, only that you use the same number for TPS/TRS as TSS. Therefore, if you want your blocks of pattern balanced, use (# x TSS, # x TPS/TRS, # Rows) in your work, where # is always the same.

For today’s tutorial we’ll use a multiple of 4 +2. I like to add the extra 2 for the edge stitches though they aren’t necessary.

The Tunisian Basketweave has no curl with the finished result having a bit of texture with visual contrast.


Begin with a Basic Foundation Row:

For the swatch pictured, I chained 22.

  • Insert your hook into the back bump of the second chain from the hook.
  • Yarn over, pull up a loop. Leave that loop on your hook.
  • Repeat steps 1&2 across the row. This is your "Forward Pass". Don't turn your work.
  • Yarn over and draw through one loop only. [B]* [/B]Yarn over and draw through two loops.[B] *[/B] Repeat [B]*-* [/B]to the end. You should have one loop on your hook.
Those steps create your foundation row. You'll see your vertical bars across the row and proceed to make different types of stitches in the remaining rows of the work.

Tunisian Basketweave

  • [B]Rows 1 - 4.[/B] Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, [B]*[/B](insert hook [I]as TSS[/I] in the next vertical bar and pull up a loop) x 4, TPS/TRS x 4[B]*[/B]. Repeat [B]*-*[/B] to last 5 stitches, TSS x 5.
Basic return pass.
  • [B]Rows 5 -8.[/B] Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, [B]*[/B]TPS/TRS x 4, TSS x 4, [B]*[/B]. Repeat [B]*-*[/B] to last 5 stitches, TPS/TRS x 4, TSS.
Basic return pass.

Repeat rows 1 – 8 for pattern.

Bind off in pattern.

Free Pattern
Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag by Underground Crafter



Whoa - this is cool!

It’s a fun pattern with no curl!!

Can’t wait to get started.:fk:

I had a lot of fun with this stitch pattern!!

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