2020 Temperature Fun

You know - things always start with a friend who says “have you ever”…

Have you ever made a temperature blanket? Knit? Crochet? Quilted? Woven?

Anyone want to make one along with me? I have seen rainbow ones but I am thinking about doing different colors for mine. I am thinking I will crochet one, maybe a corner to corner?

There was one I saw that was 12 large squares, each 30 rows. That was pretty cool too. Then it wouldn’t be too warm to work on in the summer. Hmmm…

You know, sometimes friends do have great ideas :slight_smile: This blanket could have all kinds of possibilities. The colors you use and the stitch you use. It also would depend on your climate. I’m in! I think I’m going to try a row by row

Yay!!! I can’t wait to see what colors you pick!

@Char - we need some pictures!

I didn’t know what a temperature blanket was, I don’t recall ever hearing about it. My online surfing showed me all about them. I wonder if I could do it for a scarf or wrap instead of a blanket… hhhmmmm

@lovestostitch - I have never made one, and I have been looking for a picture from a site I that has given permission to share and I can’t find one.

However, if you google temperature blanket or temperature afghan you’ll find a slew of photos. The possibilities are truly endless!

Sure!!! No reason why not!

I like the idea of a scarf!

An Afghan becomes too large for me to handle. And I’d like to keep my colors to one skein of each. I hope to make two or three simultaneously.
I will begin on December 1st so they are finished in time for Christmas gifts next year. Anyone with me to begin then???

@knitter131 - I am ordering yarn now - I’m excited to start too!!! :slight_smile:

I have done two scarves in the past, the second one I really went wild (or crazy, you pick) and spun half of the yarn for it and double knit it with daily highs on one side and lows on the other. The scarves became very long. I’ll try and post pictures.



Wow!!! Those are awesome!!!

@Char - I’m not going to look! You will not lure me into this project. I do not need another blanket! We need a fun one skein shawlette/scarf MAL. I don’t need another one of those either but I love knitting them and I wear them all the time in the winter. I have my sock wardrobe and my scarf wardrobe.

@lovestostitch - how about a temperature scarf - as seen below in @crosstitchlinda ‘s post?

@lovestostitch - feel free to start a one skein shawl make along - I would make with you for sure!!!

here’s a start on patterns:


Thanks. I’m going to look through those - after my walk. It’s a nice day and we are headed to the forest preserve to walk off the donut we had this morning. It was my husband’s reward for joining me for our one Black Friday shopping trip. He is not a shopper! We went to the hardware store for a new Shop Vac and then stopped for donuts.

@crosstitchlinda, they are beautiful! What pattern or stitch did you use? And how long was your scarf ?

@Char - the only one I really liked on that list was Close To You and I’ve already knit it a bunch of times. I’m also on Knitting Paradise and I got some great suggestions from some of the knitters there. I’ll make a shawl thread.

@knitter131 No real pattern, just cast on the desired # of stitches and went from there. There is a recipe on R by Cindy Kuo designs. She used the weather temp charts for the colors and cast on 35 stitches with dk yarn.
My first scarf is garter stitch using average daily temp (picture on left). The second scarf was 2 rows SS double knit, highs on one side and lows on the other. Both scarves are well over 6 feet long. I’ll have to dig them out and measure them.
Last year when I was on the playground every day (here in IN) they kept me nice and warm.

I have a friend who has a very craft worthy family. I remember making a silly, mismatched, I thought it looked terrible baby blanket and she begged me for it. I made her (then 7 or 8 year old) son some fun frog head slippers when she had her baby (didn’t want him to be left out). She reported back he wore them until he was about 14 and just couldn’t put them on any more. She regularly tells me how much they love all of their hand made gifts.

Her daughter, the one who had a beautiful blanket as well as an ugly one, is graduating this year. I decided to make her a senior year Temperature blanket. I did some research, wisked myself over to the store for the perfect yarn, found out what days she was in session… then made a spreadsheet, scheduled out her school days in session, temps so far this year (thank you weather underground), color coded yarn card in hand. Time to get to work.

I got home last night with yarn around 7:45. Crocheted a swatch. I decided to make it a corner to corner blanket. Calculated desired dimensions, figured out how many blocks I needed for each day, and got started. Crocheted until 11:15 last night, and here I am at 4:45 - can’t sleep because I want to work on it more.