Yarns sales from FiberKind Members!

If you see a yarn sale from a FiberKind member, please feel free to share it here!

As I was browsing the groups, I found this sale from handknitting.com - thank you @Wyogal !

30% off Red yarns through 2/3/20!

Handknitting Super Bowl Sale

Thanks Char! Our Superbowl sale on red was a big success, and I’m pretty sure 2 of the buyers were Fiberkind readers!

Wonderful!!! :-). Glad it went well. I love how our members support each other. :fk:

Our yarns are 25% off. We make our own Rambouillet top here in Maine from American grown Rambouilllet. Chiri Cloud 80’s is totally uniform, super soft alpaca fiber made from animals we used to have. All the blends are made at our mill and are spun into yarns at American mills.


@LizB here is a good spot to list your online wool festival :slight_smile:

There is a huge virtual yarn festival in Australia this Saturday and Sunday 4 & 5 September. The Big Wool Show features Australian designers, wool growers, yarn dyeing and plenty to buy from yarn to notions to project bags. Lots of interviews with makers.



So for those of us on the opposite side of the globe, Friday late afternoon to Saturday evening??

The Show was fantastic I hope some you had a chance to watch it. :slight_smile:

Just giving a shout out to our FiberKind vendors.

We are having a FiberKind retreat October 21-24. I’ve reached out to some of our affiliates for donations for door prizes or welcome bags. If anyone would like to donate something, let me know! I think we’ll have a marvelous time!!

Yes! So looking forward to this retreat! I plan to take my spinning wheel again (maybe my e-wheel this time), and possibly one of my looms as well.

Our Annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is now going at Handknitting.com and DyedandGone.com. Discounts from 15-50% on all sorts of yarns. Here’s the link to our email announcement: Black Friday

Thanks for visiting!

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