Worldwide Spin in Public Day

Worldwide Spin in Public Day is Saturday, September 21 (2019). There is a Facebook page and an interactive map where you can add a pin for the location you choose for spinning in public. It’s amazing how many folks will be out there that day! I’m spinning with a group at our local farmers’ market for lots of exposure for our guild, Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em, etc. It will be fun!


until your post I did not know that there was a public spin-in day! I am tomorrow at the Fiberfest in Hemlock New York. Maybe that’s just the right place to sit down and spin …!

I haven’t decided where I will go to spin. The local group gets together but last year they did it inside. I"m not sure anyone saw us but ‘us’. I am considering going to the pier on Lake Michigan to spin. First, I have to get my chores done.

I went to the North Pier on Lake Michigan at St. Joseph. It was beautiful and I didn’t get much spinning done due to all the questions. Fun time.

That’s so neat! You picked a good place. I love public spinning and do it often at a local farmer’s market (will go next weekend), and I so enjoy the conversation with observers who take an interest - boys and girls, men and women.

I loved the wind and the gulls. It was a beautiful day. I wish more people had been with me. I don’t get to the beach as often as I used to.

You know, maybe with more lead time next year, we can advertise, as did @Kniterested, in post #2 above. The FB group listed meet-ups all over the world, but the map was kind of hard to navigate.

If you’re on Facebook and haven’t seen it already, WWSIP Day has a page of its own and there are LOTS of photos of the locations where folks were spinning! It’s really interesting and very inspiring! And I’m a tad jealous of some of these spinners’ spots…

@Carlota The map worked well on a desktop, but not so well on a tablet or mobile device. There are LOTS of pins!