Wll the old site be closing?

I can still access the old site through the “Archive Forum” tab, and it looks as if I can still post there, but will this continue to be the case? I know that my posts have not been migrated to the new site, but I don’t want to repeat them if people can see them elsewhere, and think I love the sound of my own (digital) voice! Also, I would be a bit confused if there were two sites running at the same time and people posting on one or other or both. One the other hand, if the old site is going to close, maybe I should make some notes first. There is nothing there of desperate importance to me, but I was just wondering.

The other platform is not technically closed for posting at this time. Eventually it will be locked and will be left archived. The plan is to keep it available to read for the foreseeable future. We are unable to migrate all the data/posts from the other site to this new site. It would have involved hiring a company to migrate the data, but of the companies we found we were not convinced of their security and did not feel good about sharing users email addresses with them. In an effort to keep everyone’s information safe we chose to leave that data behind but keep it available over there.

“Locked and archived” is a good solution - people can see both sites but the new things are on the new site. Thank you for explaining.

(Sorry, I seem to have posted the same thing twice and I don’t know how to delete the extra copy :confused:)