Will these two types of yarn work together?

Would a cardigan made out of these two yarns together work? Or is it not a good idea to mix these?

  1. acrylic worsted weight, and
  2. 75% washable wool, 25% nylon fingering weight

I have a lot of black Red Heart yarn I want to use, but I was thinking of adding another strand to add some color. (I don’t know…maybe this will look awful.) A search did not bring up any acrylic fingering weight that I liked.

I hate to bring up the “S” word but maybe knit a swatch and then wash it?

It depends on how bulky you want the end result to be. I’ll often put a lace weight with a worsted weight and that seems to work for me. But FreedomLover is right, try the two you have and see if you like the results.

I would be really concerned about that combination. You have different weights and different fiber content. I would definitely try a large swatch first.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about making a swatch and washing it. :o I’ll do that. Thanks everyone.