Why Do I....

~Why do I try to watch Sherlock Holmes and knit…I know I am going to mess up my knitting. It is now a proven fact, I can not knit and figure out a new mystery with Benedict Cumberbatch .
~Why do I try to debate…
I know I am going to loose.
Facts will disappear and I won’t remember why I even believe or know what I do.
My desire to craft will be gone. I won’t want to pick up my knitting for hours and my head will hurt.

What in your life leaves you with a “Why do I…”.

How much time do you have?



Why do I watch Top Ten videos on Youtube when I know their choices will always leave me annoyed?
Why do I always wait for the item I want to drop in price when I know it will sell out in my size?

Why do I think I can go into a craft store to de-stress and Not buy anything.
Silly me… good thing I had a coupon.

The struggle is real and you are not alone!

Why am I reading this thread…?

Why do I think knitting and margaritas are a good combination? It usually ends in tears.:rabbit2:

Margaritas and anything are a good combination! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why do I read the comments…
Why did I drink that last glass of wine…
Why did I not bring my knitting with me :tired_face:

Why do I think I need more yarn…

when I probably have enough to open one? :joy::rofl:

Well played! :joy: