Whole-food, Plant Based Health

There has been some interest in a group for those of us who follow a WFPB (Whole Food, Plant Based) lifestyle or who are interested in it. I run a big group on Facebook on this topic but many of us prefer our closeknit Fiberkind community rather than facebook so let’s chat here! I’ve been living this lifestyle for 7 years and it changed my life.

I’m not here to argue. If you don’t agree with this lifestyle choice then isn’t it great that you get to choose for YOU but please don’t come to our peaceful space to criticize or argue.

I will post a link below for a couple of blog posts I made years ago describing the changes this lifestyle made in my life. I went, QUITE LITERALLY from sick, crippled and in constant, severe pain to no meds, no pain, zero symptoms from my autoimmune diseases and an active lifestyle. It is a long story so I would rather link it than type it on my phone.

I’ll post articles and links from leading experts in this field now and then for us to talk about and learn from. Other than that how about some favorite recipes y’all? Or your experiences with making these changes or any questions you have I will answer them if I can.


Looking forward to being part of this group. I encouraged my sister to at least try WFPB for three months for her fibro and she has enjoyed it. She even got us matching cookbooks so we could try and compare recipes (we don’t live close together). It’s called Plant-Based on a Budget by Toni Okamoto and as the title indicates, it’s penny-wise with simple ingredients. The other book I would recommend is Whole Grain Vegan Baking by Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyes. This is a great book but calls for a lot of different ingredients that may not be in your normal baking pantry - helps to have a bulk food store nearby for the more esoteric ingredients but I have found it to have some really great-tasting recipes.

One recipe to start with is Chickpea Salad which I call fake tuna salad and my husband says tastes like egg salad. Take a small can of chickpeas and chop fine or whirl them in a thing-a-ma-bob machine that’s not a blender (word escapes me - all I’m getting is composter!!) so that it mashes up and looks like tuna flakes but isn’t mush. I then add chopped onion, celery, relish, salt and pepper and some vegan mayo (just like the things you’d add in making tuna salad), and Bob’s your uncle. I make it at least once a week - it’s become our favorite sandwich filling.

Now, if I could only find an oil-free dressing that actually tastes good. :rolleyes:

Oh, and I went from Type 2 diabetic to testing non-diabetic and my doctor asking who diagnosed me - um, YOU did! See what you can do without drugs!!

Well I can’t find the salad dressing link I usually share but I find this one.

Thanks for starting this! I have been WFPB for several years–lost LOTS of weight, but have been putting it back on with COVID-lockdown stress eating AND moving from the hippie city to my husband’s family roots in cow country, where every supermarket and restaurant is awash in meat, sugar, white flour and fats–plus his family bakes and cooks that way. :frowning:

So I am struggling a lot. I do work out, but I find that by the end of the day–or even mid-day–I am starving and looking for junk food, which my husband keeps in the house. I work from home normally–but with COVID I have basically been stuck in the house nearly 24/7, since things are closed, work is (thank God) insanely busy, and the nearest anything at all to us is 30 minutes away–too far for a lunch outing, given how insane work is. :frowning:

I live off grid on a 5 acre wannabe homestead. We are 30 minutes from the nearest Walmart and 15 minutes from a Dollar General or Gas Station so I understand! We are living pretty “back-to-basics” but it’s the best way we could see to be able to be debt free before my husband retires. We planned to be further along in developing our place this year but … well, you know. :confused: The whole world going crazy, price of things like lumber going through the roof and then in the last quarter of the year, the universe seemed to decide to give us a good beat down. My hubby broke his hip and couldn’t work for almost 3 months, my old farm truck gave up the ghost early in the year and then during just the last quarter of the year, my SUV engine blew, my son’s car was stolen (my son and dil have a tiny home out here as does one of my daughters. Plus my youngest daughter, who has Aspergers, lives with me.) Son and dil are medical assistants and ALL their scrubs were in the car when it was stolen as they had just picked them up from the cleaners. Then a few weeks later, daughters car transmission went out!
We were eating CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and my health was already compromised from stress and a go round with covid early in the year. Finding y’all and starting this group was a nice little blessing as I had just gotten rid of some junk from my cabinets and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies and I even got a manual juicer so I can make juice without starting my generator if I like! I am ready to show 2021 who is the boss of me!

Wow! Here’s to a MUCH better 2021! We are on 67 acres–a HUGE change from the suburbs of NY for me. I see you’re in OK–we are in NW AR. Not off-grid by any means, though I am learning to love the wood stove. Not sure if I will grow veggies or not, for instance, as I think I am just too lazy to put in the work. Also, much of our land is wooded and steep.
Would love to read your blog posts.

Ours is very uneven and rocky so I plan to build raised beds and a greenhouse. Wanted to do all that before this winter but my health this year just said, nope. My blog posts are quite old. I was blogging as I was first going through it all, changing to WFPB etc. I haven’t kept up with it for years. But I’ll link the blog. It’s brandnewnatshell.blogspot.com I think. Lol

That’s excellent! All I got was rolled eyes when I mentioned a change in diet and why I didn’t want drugs.

Wish I could have a garden - we live on a mini-lot, in a Zone 3 climate, and packs of deer and hares that ravish anything green. I just don’t think a few vegetables are worth a $5000 fence. Fortunately, we have a few organic gardeners with greenhouses who come to weekly markets.

Thank you for starting this group, @KnitsWithHorses .

I have not been online much recently, but wanted to mention that our family is fond of the recipes from Forks Over Knives (https://www.forksoverknives.com/). We have also taken several WFPB classes locally.

Yup, lots of deer here–would need some sort of fencing. Also, the ground is very rocky.

We will have to putdeer fencing around the outdoor raised beds. The greenhouse should be safe. :wink: We have rolls of mesh that is made for the purpose that isn’t terribly expensive. I’m actually planning to buy an auger because we have so much rock that we had to use my hammer drill and a masonry bit for EVERY tee post we put in. It was crazy! That’s the reason the horse only has a one acre pasture right now. Lol But honestly, if you can’t garden a great farmers market is the next best thing. I LOVE a good farmers market. And if I don’t get all the prep done in time for Spring then I’ll be spending a lot of time at our farmers markets again. Heck yeah!

I know a lady who teaches classes for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and she has a website with amazing recipes that are 100% in line with Forks Over Knives. I’ll link it below. I have another good one too. I wish there were enough plant based people in my area for there to be classes or meet ups… when meetups are practicable again. But Okies are pretty set in their ways. Although one of the doctors my dil works for passes out cards with Forks Over Knives and a few other resources on it in case they are willing to try that way! I was so excited to find out there was a plant based doctor around here! Unfortunately he’s an hours drive for me but it might be worth it!

Here are my two favorite, go-to recipe websites for fully healthy and delicious and reasonably easy recipes for a regular non-chef like me. Terri Edwards from the first one teaches WFPB classes at hospitals and medical practices etc and is associated with Dr Neal Barnard’s Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. The second one is a guy from Texas, Chuck Underwood, who started making recipes that made him feel like he wasn’t giving up the regional foods he loved. His chili is so good that he wins prizes at chili cookoffs in Texas! Texans love their chili y’all! His tex-mex recipes are amazing but he has a little bit of everything. Comfort food made healthy.


Great links, thank you! I am thinking of joining the Brand New Vegan Walking Wednesdays Facebook group–anyone have interest in that sort of thing here–that is, posting photos of a walk/workout once a week, for motivation?

@dapncat Did he start a separate Facebook group? I’ve been a member of Chuck’s Brand New Vegan fb group for years and I follow him on YouTube. I have heard him talk about the Walking Wednesdays but wasnt aware of a separate fb group. If I I was going to post a weekly photo or video or something I don’t think I would do it on fb. I am honestly done with fb except the group that I feel a moral obligation to continue because I promised Bill before he passed away. I was just sticking to non-political areas on fb and minding my own business for years until I reported a post that LITERALLY advocated pedophilia and they responded that it didn’t violate their community standards. That was the straw that broke this camels back. It isn’t just politics. Zuckerberg and fb are a very negative force in the world in my view and I want to support it as little as possible.

If we can get some people interested it would be fun to do that here though! Even if they aren’t WFPB I bet some others are interested in committing to getting their body moving more this year. It could be another thread here in the “off topic” area.

@KnitsWithHorses No I think it’s his main FB group. And that is just messed up about your FB experience–disgusting.

Am all for another thread (forum?? I am confused) about positive support for moving in any way possible

@dapncat I’m not super clear on how to make threads and sub-threads etc. I just went to the off topic area and clicked on “New Topic.” Do you want to start a thread for it or shall I? I’m just thinking for everyone regardless of how basic or extensive their goals are and whether it’s walking or yoga or whatever? Just a place for support and encouragement to make progress? Cuz I, for one, am starting nearly at rock bottom again. Not quite as weak as I was when I started 7 years ago but I’m definitely in the baby steps class. Lol

@KnitsWithHorses Started a thread.