Whine and Cheese Party

My laptop is no longer with us. The bright side is I didn’t like my laptop, it was a Chromebook and not well suited to my needs. Unfortunately it didn’t have a USB port so it’s going to take some doing to restore things and a few will be lost. The downside is the laptop sized hole in my crafting budget. Between now and Thursday I’ll be checking in but not as active, I prefer a laptop to my phone. Happy crafting!

OH NO - so sorry to hear about your laptop. I’ll miss you but happy to have you back when you return!


Computers- its a love/ hate thing. Your already missed , you’ll be back b/4 you know it : ). Had to get a new laptop recently myself, so I know what its like to be without one. See ya real soon, you’ll love your new one!

I will love having a new one and organizing things better.

Oh no! That is so frustrating. It’s always so much work to set up a new computer. I hope you are back up and running soon.

@FreedomLover - My 8-year old laptop recently stopped working. To be frugal, my new laptop is a Lenovo… highly rated, available from Best Buy.

That said, it has a different keyboard reach which I am adjusting to. I have some photos I was looking forward to sharing here on FiberKind, but the current version of Windows Photo Gallery (which came pre-loaded on the new laptop) is not playing nicely: Instead of uploading photos from my camera or smart phone into folders neatly named by date, and presenting me with a stationary display which I may scroll through and make selections from… as the old software reliably did for 8 years… the new software is placing photos into unfamiliar locations, then presenting automatic slide shows of randomly chosen photos spanning many years. Unfortunately it seems I am no longer in charge of folder or file names, storage locations, or activities on my computer…! The software has taken over and is making decisions which I have not provided input into! We’ve been studying from resources on the web… Windows Support… there must be a way to change settings and get back in charge of the software.

I’m also getting pop-up messages that Windows wants to further update my software! YIKES!

Wishing you a smoother transition!

@qfknit had this same problem - I wonder if she found a solution?

Oh goodness - I feel silly. Why did I think this was written by someone other than you. blush I think I need sleep.


I also ordered a Lenovo, I have some experience with the company and am not surprised to see them highly rated.

All sing together: Sure gonna miss you when you’re gone…

The good news is things can only get better! You will have a brand-new, shiny computer and we will all love to see you when you get back.

I do sympathise. I had similar problems a few weeks ago, when I was changing internet and phone suppliers and it all went a bit mad. You don’t realise how much you use computers until you don’t have them. My local library was my lifeline - their public access computers have their limits, to be honest, but they were worth their weight in gold to me at the time.

We will be thinking of you. :slight_smile:

It arrived a day early so I’m back in the saddle again!

Yay! Welcome back!