where are my photos?

in the attached screenshot you see I have posted 84 photos - however only one is shown - when I select “all time” for the filter, then that one disappears as well - could you, please, help me find my photos?



going back to my profile I did see my photos… sometimes they are there, sometimes not

@sheiskanen are you always using the same device and browser? I see all of your photos there.

If you can, please provide more info on when they do not show up so I can try to assist.

Thank you!

If I go to @sheiskanen 's profile page and look at her Media tab, it says 85 photos. When I click on that, it says 5 photos and shows three photos of her blue poncho and the two pictures she used in this thread.

There is a filter above it - it shows recent photos there, but you can select the filter and “all time” to see them all.

I am on a laptop and here is what I had to do. go to the media tab and when the picture shows up (I only have one) I click on the picture then I got 4, I clicked on another picture and I got the whole photo gallery. I did not change any filters.