When to use M1R and when to use M1L?

My pattern doesn’t specify. I’m working a top down V-neck raglan cardigan. It tells me to K1, M1 at the neck edge, then all the other stuff for the raglan shoulder increases finishing with a M1, Kt on the other side of the neck.

I’m thinking M1R first and M1L last - is that right?

I tried doing a search but didn’t find anything. I do know M1R leans to the right and since the first stitches (working top down) make the V flare out to the right, I think it’s M1R at the beginning of the row and M1L at the end.


Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m so sorry - I thought I posted this in Knitting Help.

But please HELPT!!!


This explains it but I’m having problems following. I’m watching again but at least want to note this YouTube video because it does address it. That discussion begins around the 6:00 mark.

Rosanne says the standard is to have the increase lean toward the area that’s changing in size. So if the neckline is flaring out to the right, I would do a M1L on that side??

Another YouTube video and this one actually shows what to do on each side:



Hi, I’m looking at a pattern for a raglan V-neck pullover. On the first right side row that involves a neck increase, it says to start the right side row with K1, M1L, and end the row with M1R, K1.
Does that help? I can give you details if you message me.

@runner5 , I just made a top-down sweater and did my raglan incs as * work to proper place, rev yo, K1, yo, and rep from * across. Then on the next row/round, I worked the yarnovers in their trailing legs to close them up. This gives the effect of the two M1 variations, though I don’t know offhand which one is which. (The rev yo winds up with the right leg on top, the regular with the left leg on top.) On the diagonal parts at the bottom of the crew neck, I did a yo at the beg of the rows, so at the RIGHT neck, and a rev yo at the end of the rows, so at the LEFT neck. ETA2: I had “left” and “right” in the wrong places initially. Sorry about that! :rolleyes:

It’s really knitter’s choice as to which one goes where. One other thing to consider is, will you even see which one is where in the FO? If you’re knitting up around the neckline to add some kind of ribbing or other edging, you’re likely to go through or even past the incs along the neck edge, which will hide or disguise them.

ETA: Here’s a close-up of the raglan lines forming the right sleeve. The yarn is a cotton/linen blend, so even twisted shut, the yarnovers are slightly noticeable. After the first laundering, they’re a bit more closed up, but they’ll never be as invisible as they’d be in wool. I’m choosing to call them a design feature. :wink:


I get it and that follows what I think Roxanne said in the first video I linked. I already started the opposite way but at least they are mirrored!!! Thank you for taking your time to look it up!

Honestly I can’t tell unless I’m looking very, very closely.

But it’s something I wanted to get right (can you tell I’m a detail oriented person?) I don’t even think anyone would notice if they weren’t mirrored (and if I could see it on your sweater, I honestly could care less!!! But now that I’m properly mirroring them and can tell which one to do on each side, it just feels like I learned something new and nice about knitting.

eta: Oh I just now see the picture - that was so sweet of you to take so much time to do that. It’s really helpful - thank you!

I’ve come across this issue when knitting thumb gussets for mittens/gloves. The instructions have you start the gusset with m1l and end with m1r. It seems counterintuitive to me. I still can’t get my head around how that works!

I don’t know if this will help or not, but my “go-to” teacher on YouTube is Suzanne Bryan. She is a TKGA Certified Master Hand Knitter and long-time knitting instructor. Her videos are short, concise, and have been a tremendous help to me, but she teaches to my learning style. However, since it’s been awhile since I’ve viewed the M1 videos, I’m not sure if she addresses when to use which.