Here’s one of my Tools…Spinolution Mach I converted to a Mach II by adding the larger bobbin whorl. It works great. My husband made the lazy Kate and some of the extra bobbins.


It’s beautiful. I would love to take a Spinolution wheel for a spin some day.

They have so many varieties. I’d love to try out some other ones too. I also have a hopper but the one in the photo is so easy to spin. Do you spin? What wheel (s) do you use if you do?

Whoa, those are seriously large bobbins on that wheel!! What’s the capacity?

4 oz plied I think.

What an interesting treadle design!

That’s a good amount!

Bettymo- I don’t know how to reply to your reply to my comment and keep it all lined up. Yes, I spin. I have been learning at it for about 8 years now. The last I spun was tunis in 3 ply fingering (Finally) for socks.

I have a lady bug and would love another wheel BUT my bug does everything I need a wheel to do now. I do look at the spinolution wheels and think I"m going to have to try one some day and see what they can do . They look so interesting!! Do you find yours is better for spinning fine or thick yarns ?

@Callielw The one in the photo Is an older one and it spins with one big toe. It has a huge range but I don’t fool around with my settings too much. It is super easy to spin because you are treading in the same direction that the wheel is spinning. This one I use for all yarns but my Hopper is more for thicker and/or art type yarns. It is a powerful wheel.

I read somewhere that all the spinolution wheels were more for thick yarn but I can’t see that as being true. :I’ve never gotten into the art yarn. I’m working hard on fingering and smaller for the kind of knitting I do. Can you get a good fingering with yours?

I have the same issue with replying to comments where there is no reply button. I end up using the QUOTE button, go to the member’s page.

@Callielw I can get thin yarn on both of my Spinolutions. They are not just for thick or art yarns at all. The Hopper in does have a stronger take up but I can always go around the posts to slow it down but have never really needed to. I get a really good fingering on the Mach II and the Hopper too. They really are versatile and a very good design.

so good to know! I love their look. I love my ladybug because she can do anything. BUT…sometimes, I think disloyal thoughts.

@Callielw. I do too. I won’t tell if you don’t. I’ve never spun on anything else 'cept for spindles.

I have never spun with a spindle successfully. A friend loaned me her needle felting tools for a class I was teaching, so I asked my hubby to print her out a spindle whirl. I actually got into yarn arts because I saw a felt hat that I loved. It was very simple and beat up and worn but I loved it and decided I need to get one. I looked online and the first site was a knitting pattern…so I thought, Okay, I can do that. So i went out and bought a flock of sheep and learned to spin yarn. I still don’t have the hat.

That is a great story. @Callielw

For some reason there’s not comment button on the first post in a topic. But all the rest do so I try to just piggyback on the appropriate one or make a new comment if no one has already.

Now that I re-red it, I see how disjointed it is. I did deliver a spindle to a friend today. I hope she does well with it. I tried with too heavy of a spindle for what I was spinning and didn’t get why the ply kept breaking.

Do you ever get ‘constipated’ from having so many projects in mind that you want to work on/learn to do? I have so many things floating around that I have a very difficult time picking which one to concentrate on.

@Callielw I get so paralyzed sometimes with what to do next I sometimes just jump into something totally random that wasn’t even on my mind. I have 4 things going right now and need to finish at least one thing. I totally get what you are saying.

Glad to not be alone. Some people/artists just seem to have a vision and then they jump into it. I see what I want, get it started and then life comes along and when I pick it back up again, I can’t remember what I was doing it for. Most recently, I bought roving from 4 different breeds of sheep to experiment on sock yarn. I did 2 ply and chain ply and extra twist and 2 plies on direction with 1 the other…and made the cutest little skeins and then they sat on my desk for a while and now I don’t know which one is which from what wool. Don’t I wish I’d spent 3 minutes putting tags on them. But even that doesn’t make me stop spinning. I really dislike multiple projects. Putting one down is pretty much death to it. I force myself to finish one before I start on another. Which can make the first one not so much fun.

I’m learning about the journey thing. Enjoy it all and such. Getting better slightly.