What To Do With Victoria's Secret?

Like everyone else under Covid house arrest, I’ve been cleaning, organizing, updating, and modernizing. The local Goodwill has been beneficiary to drawers full of outgrown, outdated niceties. But one special drawer needs an appropriate new home.

What do you do with those beautiful, fun-loving flimsies from your glory days?

Yes. i understand. I’ve been divesting for several years now. Well every now and then I donate some. Even that could be embarrassing, right? I try to just do a thing here and there so as not to draw huge attention.

I don’t have daughters, just sons, and I really don’t want them screaming Mom! after I die. I remember clearing my mom’s clothing after she passed. It wasn’t too bad. Lol!

If I have used any of the unmentionables, I throw them away. Something that was never worn I would donate. @Hellokitten I’m with you. I don’t want anyone finding things after I die.

I had some beautiful negligee sets that I donated. After awhile they didn’t fit me. Just taking up space.

Exactly. At some point we start looking around and saying, “What is this going to look like to my heirs? Or the estate sales person?” I’d rather make a preemptive sweep. :wink:

Too funny!

The only thing I regret is parting with the beautiful memories . . .

:oBecause my children still live at home and items like these, that may have fit years ago, I have already disposed of. Just had to say…this conversation made me smile today. Thank you.

Wise woman you are, hereami. :wink:
Imagining children aghast!