What to do with sari silk ribbon yarn?

I bought some beautiful vibrant-coloured sari silk ribbon last year … and have just gotten around to playing with it!
yesterday I dip-dyed some silk tassels, so I’ve used the ribbon yarn, a tassel and some beads to make a pretty unique necklace. It’s bright!

The big stone bead is a natural turquoise stone




That’s beautiful! I went to a fiber festival today with a friend. She bought some beautiful sari silk ribbon. I’ll have to show this to her.

Very pretty! I wove a scarf a few years ago with some of this yarn, and the pictures of it disappeared with my r account. I like your necklace better, and you are giving me new ideas.

Thank you! … such gorgeous colours!


I bought 2 bags of this ribbon several years ago direct from India (I’m a sucker for beautiful fabrics). Been thinking on what to do with it. Saw some woven bracelets with beads etc. that were nice too. Love, love your necklace!

Thank you @MaryJ Yes, I want to make more now, in other colours! I have these silk tassels in lemon, so I want to dip-dye in blue next, and do a blue/green one.

I tried a bracelet with the sari silk ribbon… my problem is the best way to make it adjustable.
I added a leather sliding knot on this one…

My Goddaughter kindly modelled it for me … it goes with her blue-streaked hair!



More pictures…



@bethshangirl I love the bracelet!

I am looking at these beauties, I like the joyful colours but have no idea what could I possibly knit from them. These look more like chunky yarn than ribbons. https://www.worldofwool.co.uk/search?q=Sari&p=3


@5xhappy I think I would try something like this knitted chunky necklace… ( pic from pinterest) I don’t know what kind of garment you could make with it, although it’s very pretty , maybe accessories? Handwarmers or hat?


@bethshangirl Thank you for the ideas.

That necklace is stunning. Love it!!

Thank you! I’ve been experimenting with more ideas ! I’m a bit obsessed with this sari silk ribbon yarn at the moment!

I like to weave with it. Particularly as embellishment on scarves.

More things I’ve been doing with sari silk yarn… beads/ embellishments / dangles
fun to make! Tutorial by Nina Ribena on YouTube…