What to do with left over yarn scraps

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What to do with left over yarn



What to do with left over yarn scraps

I love the coasters, I usually just knit square ones.

Hold on and use as accent stripe. Make baby hats. Scrappy blanket. I love making the pinwheel scrap blanket! So fun finding all kinds of colour combos.

I save tiny scraps to use as filler for pet pillows which I donate to our SPCA. I make the pillow from large fabric scraps.

FreedomLover, I liked the coasters too. Hope to do them this winter.

LiddleDesigns, thank you for your suggestions.

Sings4joy, thank you for your suggestion and I’m sure the SPCA appreciates your donations.

Depending on the size of the scraps, I do one of several things. If it’s just little snippings, I save them to use as stuffing for amigurumis and such. With scrap leftover balls, I have made ear savers/mask extenders for the face masks we’ve been wearing… just a little 4-5 inch crocheted piece with a button sewn onto each end to pull the mask ear loops off the ears so they don’t rub the backs of the ears raw from constant wear. Another thing I do is make the teeniest, tiniest hats for the “angel babies” (babies that were stillborn, miscarried, or born so prematurely that they didn’t survive long… I also make little blankets for this program as well). Lastly, I make little granny squares… about 3 rounds, sometimes referred to as “saltines”, and leave a decent length tail on them. After I get a box full of them, I go and add another few rounds in black or white, and then join them together to make a colorful granny square blanket.