What I'm working on...

Right now, my friend is getting married. I can’t be there, unfortunately, due to the distance, but I’m working on a wedding gift…the “Gift of Love” cabled afghan. She knows I’m making something, but wants to be surprised when I finally finish it. I feel bad for being so late, but I do have excuses. 1. Two cats who won’t let me knit. 2. Bad defect in the yarn about halfway into the 4th panel causing me to have to start over. 3. Slow knitter. (Worst excuse ever!) What are you working on?

lol!!! :slight_smile:

My current projects are a pair of Socks on a Plane, Comfort Fade Cardi and a Simple Tee. The socks are at our camper, so they don’t get worked on as much. I’m trying to divide my time between the 2 sweaters because I want the Simple Tee to wear this summer, but I also need a cardigan to wear at work sometimes in the AC. I’m getting ready to cast on another pair of socks because just one pair on the needles is not enough! I also have 2 blankets that I work on occasionally. Both are ones I started to use up leftover sock yarn.

I’m working on a Lett Lopi stranded yoke sweater that I can only work on in the cool of the morning or in air conditioning. I also have a cowl on needles that’s a lot more summer weather friendly.

Other WIPs exist but are in time out right now.

I put down an interminable (and very cute, it’s just huge and a small needle) shawl to work on a sweater, which I HATE and will probably re-do in different yarn. Sad thing is, I’m done except for collar and sleeves. I used purple tweed and… it… looks like …a big grape. Like Violet Beauregarde level but a big round grape. So that sort of scarred me and I decided instead to knit my first pair of socks! Bauhaus socks by mad tosh. They are verrrrry cute and turnig out well. I’m living in fear of my first heel. I am getting toward the foot and I could use a vote if anyone has an opinion. What do you think? The patterned foot or the stockinette foot? I can’t decide which I’ll like better:

(photo is from the pattern, it’s copyright mad tosh and yes i have stolen it)

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 9.20.20 PM.png

I had to set aside my Golden Autumn shawl to make a gift for a baby shower. Looking forward to picking it up again this evening. Starting tomorrow, I have to get moving on making a dress for my niece’s wedding this coming Saturday.


If you haven’t yet you should make sure you join the sock KAL - there are a lot of folks there willing to help when you get to the heel! :slight_smile:

Personally I’d say the plain foot. The bumpy foot looks like it would be uncomfortable to walk on…

If you haven’t already, please join in our sock KAL. I’m camping this weekend with my socks too!

I’m working on my second sock of the pair while traveling to Georgia.

I just started a prayer shawl yesterday for another matushka who is undergoing chemo. I got her favorite colors first (blue, green, purple).


Oh, that is lovely !

Thank you @yarnforall!

I’m still slogging through my Papa sweater. The super long floats are killing me!



It looks really pretty, so far!

Thank you!

Thank you!

that’s lovely!

@Char There’s a KAL going on? Man, I am pretty confused making the switch over here to the vb. site… or maybe not confused, just distracted and clicking everywhere. Thanks for the advice, I will do that! – Also, a good point on the bumpy foot. Now that you mention it, it does look uncomfortable esp. with a shoe on. Plus… I am scared enough of the foot, so maybe it’s best to keep it simple with the stockinette, then I only have 1 thing to think about.

@SushiRolag yes - we have a knit along under kitting forums, in the knit along section.

We also have a sock knitters group you should keep an eye out for under “groups”. We’d love to have you!

@Char thanks for so thoughtfully inviting me to join :slight_smile: