What does 'channel' mean and how to use

For the non-computer savvy people like me, could someone do a quick explanation of what this means and how to use it? Sorry if this is very basic and EVERYONE else knows, but, alas, I don’t. Thanks for your help.:confused:


Channels are not all that different from TV stations or aisles in a stupid market
“Basically” the major channels in OurUnRaveled are “Forums”, Project Blogs, and groups.
In some e-commerece software they are often called “categories”

Using the Stupid market analogy -
Stupid Market would be a Forum Channel
it would have “sub-channels” like Produce, Dairy, Deli, meat, frozen foods, etc.
Within these Sub-Channels are Topics, like the dairy aisle has an area for cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs and so on

General is the Forum Channel
Tech Support is a Sub-Channel
and your question “What is a Channel”
is a section in the Sub-Channel for a specific topic.

Carry that to the Groups Channel, each group is a sub-channel,
For Project Blogs Channel, each individual blog is a sub-channel.

Does this help?

Wow! When you give an answer, you don’t mess around. Thanks you so much wheat. I appreciate knowing this. I don’t participate in other groups so I had know way of knowing. I get it now…

Happy I was able to help - keep asking questions -
I suspect they are helping many others