What Are You Weaving Today?

So what weaverly things are you doing today? Let’s post photos of our WIPs (that’s Weaving In Progress).

I’m getting a little further with the baby blanket marathon. I admit I’ve been taking time away from weaving to spin in the Spin de Fleece. Here are some photos of the blankies. All of them are made from Plymouth Encore. It’s machine-washable and dryable. It weaves and wet-finishes beautifully. The crocheted edging is from one of the 1930’s Weave-it books.

Here’s the first blanket. It was for my daughter’s friend’s baby. This is the first time I’ve tried the tonal yellow.

This is the second blankie. I used the same rainbow variegated Encore, but used a solid pink for the alternate blocks. At first I thought this was too pink, but I like how it turned out.

I’m almost finished with the third one. This one may be my favorite! I like the variegated blues and purples. I have one more row of squares to weave, sew the strips together, crochet the border and wet-finish. Only two more to go after that!!




And here’s what’s on the big girls. Again, nothing has been done on them since the Spin de Fleece started. One good thing, I’m going to have some great yarn to weave at the end of the Spin!

Anyway, the beautiful Eternity Knot patterned fabric is on Lady Ada, my 24-shaft AVL. This was designed by Tien Chiu. For a 24-shaft draft, it wasn’t all that hard to thread.

Here is a close-up of the fabric

And here is the rag rug still sitting on my Glimakra! I gotta go weave!!

Edit: It’s SPIN de Fleece!! (I was really tired last night.)




Ooh, that eternity knot piece is incredible!

Doesn’t look like much yet, but my next project will be summer/winter towels of 8/2 Valley Yarns Cottolin.


Summer/Winter. I have a design that I really, REALLY need to get on the loom in Summer/Winter. Well, it really isn’t a design. A friend sent me a photo of a coverlet at Fort Mackinaw (I think) and I reverse-engineered it from the photo. But however I got there, I NEED to get it on the loom!

I definitely want to see that!

So many drafts, so little time!

I agree with that!

Here’s what’s on my little Louet Erica loom.


I’m working on baby blankets and using a draft from Tom Knisley’s “Handwoven Baby Blankets” book. The warp and tabby is 8/2 variegated cotton, and the pattern weft is 3/2 cotton. It’s slow going, but I’m on the 3rd and final one now. Just in time!




Those are going to be some lucky babies. Beautiful!

How did I miss that book? They’re lovely!

Your baby blankets look great! I have this book too and made my 2nd grandson the Springtime blanket (pg 26) a year ago. I’ve never done a summer and winter weave. Maybe I’ll try this one!

Here I am at the Brookings SD Summer Arts Festival (Historical Section). I weave towels mostly out of 100% cotton. I warped this specifically for this event on my small loom. Fifteen feet of warp and I am hoping to mostly finish by the end of the day.


Pretty! And I love the artfully hidden bottle of Propel. I slip mine in my spinning basket or the loom bench basket.

Very nice!

It’s a pretty easy weave, but a bit slow since it’s two shuttles, and I hate winding the ski shuttle with the 3/2.

I love your stripe layout. I may have to copy!

Dawwww, so lovely!!!