Welcome, Shuttle Pilots! - Introductions

Welcome to the Weaving category! I’m Debbi - DebbiRYarn on OurUnraveled. I’ve been weaving for over 30 years, have a couple of articles in Handwoven magazine, teach weaving at my LYS and live with a houseful of all kinds of looms. Come on over and introduce yourself and get warped with us!

Howdy from Texas! I’m Theresa, Grammaresa on OurUnraveled. For to many years to count I was TheresaKnits, but seems that someone scooped that up on practically the first day. So I guess I really am starting fresh! I’ve only been weaving for about 10 years. Bought a book and a loom and never looked back. Now I have two floor looms, a table loom, rigid heddle, and various other small things. They live in a studio we built a couple of years ago next to the house. It’s been really nice to have all my stuff in one place for the first time ever! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on. I weave a lot of dishtowels and table runners, but am currently working on baby blankets for three upcoming showers.

Jealous! I SO want a small house and a large studio. Maybe someday.

When we moved four years ago we downsized by almost half and closed all our storage units. It was a real wake up call to see exactly how much craft stuff I have. But it’s wonderful not having the house cluttered up all the time.

@Grammaresa, we did the same thing over the last 2 years. We had a bigger house and I had a 12x20 outbuilding as a studio. It was harder packing up, organizing and culling out that building than it was for our regular house, so I totally get where you are coming from.

Waves “hi” from Northern Arizona!

Waves right back!

@trailerstash, glad to see you made your way into the new digs!

@yarnforall Thank you! Is great to be here. A bit of a learning curve with the new user interface, but muddling along. Need more coffee.

Good morning from central Washington state. I’ve been weaving for about 15 years. That’s about 50 years shy of what I wish it has been, I do love it so. I’ve been spinning for about 20 years and have knitted and crocheted since I was about 9. I also enjoy natural dyeing and forays to the woods with my husband to look for materials.

I have 2 floor looms (4 shaft counterbalance loom and a Weaver’s Delight loom circa 1913); 8-shaft Mountain Table Loom; Inkle loom; Navajo loom; tapestry looms (both purchased and made from copper pipes and black pipes); and an Ashford SampleIt loom. I’m also researching how to make my own backstrap loom. I’d have more looms if my house cooperated.

@DebbiRYarn - may I ask what articles in Handwoven? I would love to look them up.

Just found my way from the first Ourunraveled. I’m Susan in San Diego, have about one more year till I retire and weave full-time. Have been weaving since I was 20. Yes I know how lucky I am. Our guild has a Master Weaver program which I completed. This summer our daughter moved out to attend University in a different city. We are replacing carpets with vinyl planks, I am turning her bedroom into a weaving studio - guest room, and currently deleting all my posts from the other place before leaving it. So when all that is finished I will be more active here. It will be a busy summer. Currently hemming towels for many July birthday presents.

Welcome, Susan! I’m glad ;you made your way over here. You know, I think it will be a crazy busy summer. It’s sure starting out that way.

Hi everyone. I’m here. I have been weaving about 5 years, spinning for 10 (one of the reasons I started weaving…wish I had started earlier). I have a 10" cricket, a 4 shaft Artisat, a 32"Ashford Rigid Heddle and lots of small tapestry looms (can’t resist them at thrift shops).

Okay! Starting over again! Man! What a year.
Worked on my dress fabric yesterday then got tired and went to bed.


Glad you made it over to our new home!!

Hi, very glad to find this site!!

I am Nancy. I am, sadly in Florida. Moved here from Colorado about a year ago to help my aging folks. I miss my home!

I’m in Florida too. My son and family wanted us to move to be closer to them.

Hello everyone! My name is Kathy. I have been sewing and crocheting since I was around 8 years old. I dipped my toe into weaving almost 4 years ago and loved it. I mostly weave on my Louet David and Louet Erica looms. I have other looms, which I’ll probably sell, but I think I found what I really like in the David and Erica. I enjoy every aspect of weaving, from design to cloth.

Hi Nancy. Glad to see you. I bet you do miss your home but I think what you are doing is so admirable.

Hi Susan. Someday we will meet. I’m in the Palomar Guild but yours is a little distance for me.