Week ending October 10, 2020

Please remember to post your scores for the week of 10/4/2020 to 10/10/2020.

I used up 6 skeins and 2 came in so:

[SIZE=22px]WTD +8
YTD +176[/SIZE]

I gave away 2 balls (half skeins) of yarn to my little friend who I am teaching to knit.,
WTD+2, YTD +11

I finished Gwendolyn Shawl, +3, a cowl, +2, and 12 hats this week +6

Char sold me 5 skeins of yarn, -10

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +1[/SIZE]

Wtd +2

[size=18px]wtd: +2, ytd: +149 we 10/10[/size]

I finished a jumper +10 (463 g) and bought a cone of yarn 740g (-14)
WTD -4

I used / finished 2 skeins, and sold 5 to mom. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=28px]WTD +14 [/SIZE]

This week has been a busy week, for finishing and for purchases arriving. My yarn came for the WestKnits MKAL 9 skeins, and 2 extras for mittens. Plus I ordered 3 skeins for Christmas colors that arrived, -28 for purchases.

I finished my The Sharon Show MKAL wrap for 4 partial skeins, and one sock for my size US 14 husband that used an entire 50g skein. I also used the remainder of two balls for an advent swap. 8 for used yarn.

WTD -20, YTD -39




I did well this week. I finished off five skeins, though two were only partials, and my yarn prizes came in.

WTD +2, YTD +5


@Char thank you!

I love your wrap and the colors you used.

Your yarn prize is awesome.

Nothing to speak of this week with regards to yarn usage.


Used up another ball of yarn on my endless 10 Stitch Blanket.

+2 WTD, +4 YTD

Sounds like a fun week and your wrap is beautiful!

Nice prizes!!