Week Ending 9/24/22

So since this is the last Saturday in September, please post both weekly and monthly totals.

I’m posting early this week so I don’t forget again!

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I almost lost this in my messaging list. Glad I found it. :upside_down_face:

WTD zero

YTD +2

W/E 9/24 +2

YTD -558

Few hours late here…
Since my last visit I have used one skein and purchased 7.
Ytd -28

We went to Washington Island WI while my son was home. Talk about a “destination yarn shop,” it even requires a ferry ride so gotta get some yarn! Sievers fiber school
If you like chill things and are visiting Door County I recommend Washington Island. In the fall it’s very laid back compared to the crowds and tourists on the mainland. We went to the beach (super unique limestone and clear water) and rode our bikes around the perimeter of the island.

No worries, I’m usually busy on Sundays so have not been totaling until Monday. That part of Wisconsin is really beautiful.

I’m late to messages, as usual now. Today I finished putting laminate flooring in the downstairs bathroom. It’s my first time, and I’m happy with the result.
This week I finished a hat, a pair of socks and a pair of mittens.
WTD +6

Is your Year to Date +37?


I forgot to post last night. I finished a skein making a carrier for my water bottle (+2).
During the month of September, I used 9 skeins of varying sizes (+18).

WTD = +2
YTD = -717