Week Ending 8/7/21

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No change for me this week.
YTD -48

No change for me.


Won’t finish anything else
W/E 8/7 -44
YTD +60

and I don’t regret buying a single skein!

Sound wonderful!! You should never regret yarn purchased…

I finished one pair of socks. Lots of WIP’s, but won’t count yarn until finished (this helps me stay on task!).

[SIZE=18px]WTD +1, YTD - 64[/SIZE]

WTD +7

YTD +19

(finished Wips and donated a zip lock bag full of scraps)

Had company all week so I didn’t get much done. Daughter and her boyfriend stayed with us. He asked us if we could give our blessing for them to marry. We wholeheartedly did that. It looks like a wedding is in our future for next year.

[SIZE=28px]WTD +1
YTD +78[/SIZE]

Wonderful news!! Congratulations and have fun with the planning.

Yay! Congratulations!

Zero progress this week.

WTD [SIZE=26px]0[/SIZE]

Wonderful!!! Will you plan to make crafty things for the wedding?

I finished a few small things and donated some yarn this week!
[SIZE=20px]WTD 8/1 (+10) YTD '21 (+15)[/SIZE]

WTD -14
Received 8 skeins used 1

I made a “Scraptastic Moving Bag” that used 847g of Worsted Weight yarn (4 strands held as 1). Unfortunately, I was using large skeins.

WTD = +6
YTD = -448

I finished baby trousers (+4) and got some yarn(-14)
WTD -10
YTD +22

Thanks, all. I’ve made a menya blanket in stylecraft special dk and saved it for a wedding so I will likely give them that. I also make blankets for each of my kids so her fiancé will receive a blanket for Christmas either this year or next depending on how much I can get done.