Week Ending 8/28/21

Post your totals for 8/22 - 8/28 here, also it is the last Saturday of the month, so give me your yearly totals also!!

I used 2 skeins this week and didn’t bring any home with me

[SIZE=22px]W/E 8/28 +4
YTD +80[/SIZE]

No FOs this week. My children caught cold, so had a few sleepless nights.
WTD 0 YTD +54

WTD Zero in and out. :slight_smile:

YTD +417

Made a hat this week. No purchases.
[SIZE=14px]Week ending 8/28 (+1). TTD (+71)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px][B]WTD: + 4, YTD: + 10 WE 8/28/21

Used 3, purchased 1[/B][/SIZE]

I purchased some yarn (+22), and used up a lot of sock yarn leftovers on scarves this week (+26)

[SIZE=18px]WTD = + 4
YTD = - 58[/SIZE]

I used a partial in one blanket and a full skein in a lovey.

WTD = +3
YTD = -432

[size=20px]wtd +3
ytd +98[/size]

No progress this week.


Do you have a YTD? Is it the -372??

Sorry Linda. -372 is correct for YTD