Week Ending 8/21/2021

Post your score for the week: 08/15/2021 - 08/21/2021

Wtd +4

Zero this week.

Zero :slight_smile:

Used 6 skeins, went to the Michigan Fiber Festival bought 5 skeins

WE 8/21 +2
YTD +76

I used a number of skeins in projects this week (+13) and purchased two skeins of cotton (-4).

WTD = +9

I started a new blanket this week-the dune blanket by Lucy at Attic24. I’ll post about it in the chatter/share thread.
[SIZE=22px]WTD +11
YTD +95[/SIZE]

I finished a hat for myself
WTD +2

[SIZE=16px]WTD: + 2, YTD: + 6 WE 8/21/21

Used one more skein for my shawl, 5 more to go (maybe).[/SIZE]

I used up one skein on my first sailor beanie.
WTD +2

I had to bug out and forgot my notebook, but I know that I am in the black, having finished a hat and a pair of socks this week and donating more yarn. When I get back home I will update the numbers on my profile. So far no power outages, flooding, or trees down in Buzzards Bay, MA!

So glad to hear things are OK for now, stay safe.

Sorry to hear you had to evacuate, keep safe. I hope you took lots of yarn with you!

Thanks, @DJM and @crosstitchlinda. Actually, we didn’t have to evacuate, we came down to BBay to “button up”, i.e. secure the outdoor furniture, take the roof off of the gazebo, check the generators and ride it out. And yes, I think I brought enough yarn! (See the Sock KAL) We may go home tonight, depending on internet working, DH works from “home” in IT, so that is very important. Of course, we could lose power back home, too, and then I guess it really wouldn’t matter where we were!