Week Ending 7/30/2022

[SIZE=16px][B]:fk:Week Ending 7/30/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 7/30 here. Also your July monthly totals![/B][/SIZE]

W/e 7/30 +6
ytd - 604

I finished another hand towel and dish cloths set, (+4)

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +4, YTD = -62[/SIZE]

Week results +9 (donation and used a ball for my baby hat)
I went to the yarn shop this week and only bought needles plus a gift, no yarn added!

year to date +4

Wtd o

ytd +64

I had a good week in terms of finishing things up! Three baby washcloths for +4, and a multicoloured baby blanket for +16!!

WTD +20
YTD - 102

I forgot to post yesterday. I made progress on a blanket and a new project (+6).

WTD = +6
YTD = -751