Week Ending 7/23/2022

[SIZE=16px][B]:fk:Week Ending 7/23/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 7/23 here.[/B][/SIZE]

I finished some projects this week - a two-color shawl (+3), and two sets of a hand towel and three dishcloths (+8), no new yarn came in this week.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +11[/SIZE]

WTD +2

I wound a hank into a ball, and knitted up another ball. Woo hoo…forward progress.

Zero for me again.

YTD -122

I forgot to post last week
+5 total for the last two weeks and-5 ytd

So the grands took some yarn off my hands, and I used up 3 balls myself so…
W/E 7/23 +60
YTD -610

I also forgot to post last week. I finished a small project and made progress on a blanket.

WTD = +6

I finished a pair of socks WTD +1

I’ve been playing with sock remnants but not finishing anything. Toooooo hot.