Week Ending 6/4/2022

[SIZE=16px][B]:fk:Week Ending 6/4/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 6/4 here.​[/B][/SIZE]

This week I took the granddaughter’s shopping
13 skeins came home with me -26, but I used up 2 skeins +4
W/E 6/4 -22
TYD +40

I’ve been working on two large shawls for the last 3 weeks or so. Should be finished next week, so my count will look better then.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = Zero[/SIZE]

I’m slowly but surely using up my stash with my baskets. I am curious to try some of the new yarns that are popular for this kind of thing but I’m making myself use up 5 or 6 from stash before I buy a new one. This week I got the Bernat Blanket but decided I didn’t like it for baskets so I’m make cat cozies with it so it doesn’t just sit in stash. As it turns out, it’s really perfect for cat cozies! My three are loving them.

WTD +6

It’s a zero for me this week!!


+1o week
Knit up
one skein and one ball
and pulled a donation to my daughter (or the thrift shop if she doesn’t want)
ytd +36

I am going shopping next week btw

WTD +10

I finished a sweater

I made progress on several projects (+4) and purchased some new to me yarn to experiment with (-10).

WTD = -6

Zero this week

zero for me too.