Week Ending 6/25/2022

[B]:fk:[SIZE=16px]Week Ending 6/25/2022[/SIZE]:fk:

[SIZE=16px]Post your scores for the week ending 6/25 here[/SIZE][/B]

wtd o
ytd [size=14px] +64[/size]

Just a reminder, this is the last Saturday of June (I know already!!) so also post your year to date totals!!

I finished a two-colour bulky hat this week for +3, another picnic wrap for +1, and a baby washcloth also for +1. But, yarn arrived, how did that happen?? So, factoring in those 56 (what!!!) skeins, I am at -107 for the week.

WTD = -107

YTD = -130

I finished a jumper (318 g) and a vest (437 g)
WTD +22 YTD -14

W/e 6/25 +2
ytd +54

I finished a pair of socks using up leftovers of two colors

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +4[/SIZE]

I finished a few small things (+3), but I went to Hobby Lobby looking for just one thing, of course, (-26).

WTD = -19

YTD = -775 YIKES!!!