Week Ending 5/8/2021

Post your score for the week: 05/2/2021 - 05/08/2021

I better post now since I didn’t post last week and I may forget today.

I finished a wrap and made some progress on a couple of other projects this week.

WTD +4

I used up 6 minis this week on hats, so +6 - ytd is 91

I finished 3 skeins so +6

[SIZE=24px]WE 5/8 +6
YTD +62[/SIZE]

The rest of my yarn arrived so I’m way negative this week…again. But I managed to finished not one but two advent sweaters! For 2019 I made a Go To Raglan by Stephen West out of one strand of Stress Knits advent with one strand of Knit Picks Stroll in Dove Heather. For 2020 I used Stress Knits Advent again and made a No Frills Sweater with undyed mohair. By far the No Frills is my favorite sweater to date. It feels so good to have both these sweaters off the needles. I also finished a Ranunculus out of cotton/linen yarn and my last pair of Sock Sanity socks, the Leaf Me On socks.

WTD -91, YTD -110




[SIZE=16px]WTD: -12, YTD: +22 WE 5/8[/SIZE]

Well I finally broke down and added to my stash!!

I have a lot of WIP’s, only finished one pair of socks this week.

[SIZE=16px]WTD +2[/SIZE]

[size=20px]wtd -4
ytd 93[/size]

I finished a small blanket, worked on a number of WIPS, and a yarn order came in.

WTD = +6

I was in our LYS yesterday, so -12
WTD -12

Gosh you’ve been productive! They all look great!

Sorry I didn’t post the last couple of weeks but I had no change anyway. Just haven’t gotten much knitting, or anything else, five the last few weeks. I’m back at it now but still going slower than usual. Looks like y’all all had a great week… One way or another!

:open_mouth: I hope you enjoy every yard of it!

I am a +1 - finished a partial skein. I just found out my donated skein is coming home. :joy:

WTD +1
YTD +247