Week Ending 5/21/2022

[B]:fk:Week Ending 5/21/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 5/21 here.​[/B]

I have updated my numbers. I have been forgetting to post them lately. sorry.

WTD +2
YTD +60

(finished a skein this week making a hat. Updated my numbers to reflect the skeins I used up on my ocean blanket and my hat)

Good to see you back … it has been quieter these past few weeks all round.

Thanks for your kindness @strem3kids .
I had something happen that kind of knocked the wind out of my sails for about three months.
Starting to feel like I am back to normal-ish.

@hereami , sending good thought your way …

WE 5/21 +4
YTD +56

3 skeins out, 1 in.

Will probably be taking a trip to simply socks the first week in June. Granddaughter has a birthday and wants some yarn!

Nothing in, nothing out.


I finished a pair of super bulky mittens (+3) and a second sock (+2) this past week.

WTD = +5

WTD + 4

I finished a skein on my blanket and taught someone how to crochet and left her with her ball of yarn. :slight_smile:

Because that peach sweater still is not done!

Continuing to work on blankets (+6).

WTD = +6

Using up remnants on baskets and making progress. :blush:
WTD +7