Week Ending 4/30/2022

:fk:WEEK ENDING 4/30/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 4/30 here.

Although I didn’t finish anything, I liquidated 11 full skeins of yarn!

[SIZE=18px]WTD +22, YTD -8[/SIZE]

I don’t think I’ll finish anything else today and Tomorrow I’ll be traveling home. Will be home Monday.
Bought 9 skeins, used 4

W/E 4/30 -10
YTD +58

Nice going!!

A “zero” week for me!

WTD = 0

I finished two small blankets and made progress on a larger blanket.

WTD = +8
YTD = +22

No shopping. Used one skein
week +2 ytd +20
went to a NCAA track meet today and knit on the way there, but unfortunately my fingers were numb half the ride home (this is Wisconsin, spring is a theoretical concept. I know somewhere in the country track is a nice weather sport where you can even knit in the bleachers!). I am super close to finishing a ball so I may edit later tonight

I’m actually getting a bit low (for me) on WW acrylic! Lol
WTD +6
YTD + 47

That’s a great problem to have, LOL!