Week Ending 4/29/23

Post your weekly AND monthy results here.

This week and month were a doozy. My husband was away on a work trip and they had a fund-raiser auction with yarn so he brought me two skeins home. Then my 5 Desert Vista Dyeworks skeins arrived and one had a mini skein attached. And lastly, it was LYS day yesterday so I bought four skeins of DK to make a Fosette tee. I did attempt to find yarn in my stash that would work but couldn’t find any suitable. I’ve already cast on so hopefully that project will be finished soon.

WTD: -24 MTD: -14 YTD: -50

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I have had a crazy couple of weeks. A couple of inches added to my Spring Fling blanket.

However, I had to purchase 3 skeins in order to get it closer to the required size. (not sure I reported that)

WTD -6
YTD +10

I almost went to LYS day but could not come up with a shopping list (my resolution for 2023, no impulse yarn)
Week -2 (had to buy yarn for a project I am running short on)
Ytd -13

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A little late for me but I finished 2 skeins

W/E 4/29 +4
YTD +60

Yards this week +440
Yearly Yards +4132.84

For the month of April, I knitted three projects and used up 295 g of yarn.