Week Ending 4/23/22

[B]:fk:WEEK ENDING 4/23/22:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 4/23 here.[/B]

I finished a shawl that use 5 full skeins + 1 partial, so that’s +11 for me!

WTD = +11

Another 0 for me. too busy holding new grandson!

Double week for me, as the thread wasn’t started when my daughter and I left to visit my in-laws last weekend.
got 6 new skeins (belated birthday present, and some shopping) used up 3 skeins on my sweaters in progress. Week -6, YTD +22

Worked on two blankets and finished one.

WTD = +8

I’ve been crocheting with my WW and bulky scraps and finishing off skeins right and left.
WTD 14
YTD 41

Aww, congratulations!! That’s the best … enjoy!!

I didn’t finish anything this week :neutral_face:


Best excuse ever!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: