Week Ending 3/25/23

I’m going to start this before I forget. Also, this is the last Saturday of March so post those yearly totals also.

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I’m actually thinking about knitting again. It’s been six months.


I finished Sock Madness Round 2 socks, Celtic Rain! I couldn’t believe this used up 96g of yarn…almost a full skein but not quite. I still haven’t finished my spinning skeins so nothing counting against me this week.

WTD: +1 MTD: -13 YTD: -36



YTD +16

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I have started a new thread here based on some feedback from the zoom meeting. See the different counting methods thread for some details.

Here is what I posted in the March thread
By request of the Zoom people, I’m going to post this here. We have not had much activity in the stashdown threads, so I’m adding 2 new ways of counting, I will be keeping the original way for those of us who like it.

count yards/meters weekly - yarn in does not count against you
count grams used weekly - yarn in does not count against you.

I will be keeping the weekly tally so the first date I will call for these numbers is: April 1. So you would start counting on Sunday as we report on Saturday each week.

This week +1 and ytd +25

I am going to count the old points way, it helps me use my stash and be thoughtful about purchasing more yarn than I can use

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I love this idea! Is it ok to post each of the numbers? Old way, yards and grams? Or just one of the above?

You can post as many ways as you would like.

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W/D 3/25 +8.
YTD +30