Week Ending 3/18/23

Post your weekly numbers here!

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I finished one pair of socks for +1. I’m nearly finished with a big spin so next week is going to be in the negative for me :cry: It’s conflicting for me to be excited to finish a spin but disappointed to be “adding to my stash” even though it was already stash in the fiber form.

WTD: +1 MTD: -14 YTD: -37

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W/E 3/18 +4
YTD +22

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I’m so close to finishing that blanket. Just a bit more work to do.

This week 0

I am always remembering this on Monday…I’ll have to put a reminder on my phone!

Skeins: -2

This week, I bought two skeins of scrubby yarn while I was in Michael’s for birthday decorations. I had resisted buying scrubby for a couple of years, so it felt like it was okay. Kind of like when you eat standing up in the kitchen…those calories (skeins) don’t count! :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry about not posting until Monday. If the results have been posted (and often they’re not) I can edit them.

Thank you!!

Interesting choice of color