Week Ending 2/25/23

Here is where to let us know how you did this week AND this month. Yes Feb is almost finished!!


I finished my Leicht socks! This is the qualifier for Sock Madness this year. A total of 19 colors and all were from stash. I used three partial balls and finished up one tiny leftover for +4. My first time doing intarsia in the round (or any intarsia I think). Not as hard as I would have imagined but took lots of concentration.

WTD: +4 MTD: -13 YTD: -36

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W/E 2/25 +6
YTD -4

Yay!! I’m making progress, hopefully I’ll be enough positive by mid April that shopping while at my Daughter’s in MD won’t send me too far back.

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Week +3
Ytd +21

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You’re getting close! I’m hoping I can get back to zero soon too. It’s a process.

wtd 0
this blanket is taking it’s time eating up the yarn.

ytd +16