Week Ending 2/18/23

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finished a skein, bought a skein. WTD = 0

Nothing finished and nothing new into stash. I am participating in Sock Madness so I thought I’d throw this crazy picture of intarsia balloons on a sock in here. My first time doing the technique and it’s honestly not so hard but so many ends.

WTD: 0 MTD: -17 YTD: -40

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I’ve always wondered how you do intarsia in the round,

W/E 2/18 +4
YTD -10

I don’t think I could explain it if I tried. I watched a video made by the designer at least five times before trying it. Once I got it on the needles and worked along with the video it made more sense. It’s still like sorcery though, lol.

Week +2 (used two balls in my scrappy shawl)

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