Week Ending 12/31/22

Put your weekly and monthly score here, This is the Final week of 2022. The new challenge will begin on Sunday and everyone will re-set to 0.


I’m ending the year with quite a bang. I’m really making it my intention to buy very little in 2023. I’ve let FOMO get the best of my many times this year but know that I want that to change. I just find it hard to say no sometimes.

This week I finished three pairs of socks for +6 but received yarn I purchased from a dyer that was going out of business. I knew I had ordered 900 grams and thought that meant I would get 9 skeins but instead I got several 50g skeins which gave me -28. I also made a Knit Picks order for a swap I’m doing with a friend from Sweden, where they can’t get Knit Picks. Of course, I had to order some (a lot) for myself for -44. Lastly, I placed an order from Voolenvine for four mystery skeins she was practically giving away (seconds, one of a kinds, discontinued, etc). I was pleasantly surprised to get four of the same colorway which will be neough for a sweater but that was -8.

WTD: -71 MTD: 5 YTD: -148

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Year end-18

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W/E 12/31/22 0
YTD -514

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Wtd 0
YTD +10

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I finished a crochet toy girl&outfits (around 10 balls +20) and a scarf, which I knitted on knitting machine (2 balls +4)
WTD +24 YTD +6
Glad that I finish this year with plus.

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Are we doing a 2023 stash buster?
Week +2

Yes, it’s Here Week Ending 1/7/2023 - #8 by hereami