Week Ending 12/19/2020

Post your score for the week - 12/13/2020 - 12/19/2020

:fk:Hello all.
I am holding steady this week. Zero yarn purchased. Zero skeins completed. Hope you all had a great crafting or yarn gathering week. :fk:


YTD +65

Best get this out of the way. I used 1 skien on a Tunisian Crochet beanie but bought 3 skeins to test a project. Next Saturday will be the last Saturday in 2020. Then we can start this party over!

WTD -4

Had a good week finishing WIP’s, several charity hats and scarves, a pair of socks and a crescent shawl.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = + 19[/SIZE]

Been sewing still - nothing gained, nothing used!


Used up 2 skeins, but someone gave me 4

[SIZE=26px]WTD -4
YTD +162[/SIZE]

I finished a cowl for husband (+4) and bought 1400 g of yarn (- 28)
WTD -24

Nothing finished that counts yet but still working through lots of advent minis. I’ve finished 9 of them this week for a total of +18. The coolest things I’ve made, that count for zero points, are these knit Christmas balls (Balls Up pattern by General Hogbuffer. They are fun and only the last couple of rounds are challenging.

WTD +18, YTD -127




Not a bad week.
WTD +7
YTD +82

[SIZE=16px]WTD: +2, YTD: +167 WE 12/17 :fk:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]Finished a gorgeous skein of hand s[/SIZE][SIZE=12px]pun SW BFL/nylon. 108grams. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]WTD 12/19. -2. YTD. +15[/SIZE]


I did not finish off any skeins, and a gradient set I ordered came in.

WTD = -10

Gradient Set.jpg