Week ending 11/5/2022

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Posting a bit early. If I am honest with myself…I am not going to finish anything in the next couple of days. Which is okay. Slow and steady has been my theme lately.

Wtd 0

W/E 11/5 +2
YTD -546

I had quite the week. I received an advent I purchased -50 and one that is a swap -50 plus my row one subscription-20. I did finish my Twists and Turns Shawl +3 and a pair of socks +2.

WTD -115
YTD -127


@Shauna825 I would love to see your finished projects. Have you posted pictures anywhere.
Glad you had such a productive week.
I am curious…how does the Advent work? Do you get to open a box everyday and see new yarn?

Yes, I post finished project and works in progress pictures on Instagram. My name there is shaunastitches. I also have a YouTube channel if you’re interested in that. Same user name.

Advents are so fun but also very addictive. Depending on how it’s set up you can find all different weights of yarn and quantities. Usually 10-20g a day. Open a package every day from December 1 until Christmas. Often there is a full skein on Christmas Day. The swap I’m doing has extras included. I added a project bag, Candy, stitch markers, and tea coffee or cocoa.

It’s hard because dyers start offering them in April but you don’t get them until November. I forget that I’ve already ordered one so I order a few more. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Here is the shawl! I haven’t taken pictures of the socks yet.


I did not finish anything this week. I purchased “12 days of Stitchmas: Yarn Lover’s Edition”, on sale, at Hobby Lobby, but I will not be opening it until December.

WTD = 0


Not sure if this is completely accurate but I think ytd is-29

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Do you have a number for this week? I can still add it to the weekly report.

0 this week

Added you in.