Week Ending 10/8/22

Please post your weekly numbers below.

W/E 10/8 +12
YTD -540

I received my Row One minis (100g total) (-2) and used up one skein of Holst Garn Titicaca on a Love Note sweater (+2) and struck even. Since then I’ve started the WeatKnits MKAL Twosts and Turns and am knitting away but no yarn finished yet.

YTD -4

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I started a new project, because…why not, and finished off a skein.

WTD = +2

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This week I finished a few of my long-lasting WIPs, a jumper for son, a cardigan for the newborn, a hat for myself and two pairs of mittens for my husband. +12
I also bought a big bag of wool on our local marketplace. Couldn’t blame myself as the price was so good. -80
WTD -68 YTD -31

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I’m working a 12 hour shift today so I’ll post totals tomorrow on my day off. That’ll give people today if they are late in posting. Nice work so far everyone!

I finished a skein on my teen blanket. (+2) Then bought a skein of sock yarn. (-2)