Week Ending 10/29/22

Post your weekly and monthly totals since it’s the last Saturday of October.

Thanks for starting this! I am out of town until late Wed. Unfortunately for a funeral.

I’m so sorry to hear that. I figured it was my responsibility to do it anyway since I shot the moon last week. I don’t mind at all.

Is this where we post “I was very good, didn’t buy any more yarn, knitted three balls into dish rags despite having a ton of typing to do all week; now will Santa Claus please bring me a truckload of new yarn”?

Four lovely new dish rags done, one in two colors from the others :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the place to post.
We count +2 for every full skein/ball used and +1 for every half skein/ball (not matter the size)

so -2 for every full ball/skein that comes in, and -1 for every partial.

I personally only count when the ball/skein is completely used up.


YTD +4

I have 2 wips I have been working on this week. No skeins used up. Thankfully, I have resisted the yarn sales. whew…that was close…lol.

I think I’m destined to shoot the moon for the rest of the year. My advents are starting to trickle in and admittedly I ordered more than I probably should have. This week I used up two more skeins of Knit Picks Palette on my Twists and Turns MKAL, which is close to done for +4. I received my Freckled Whimsy 24 stripe advent skein and bought two skeins from my LYS, one for a swap which will go out of stash soon and one for me that I cast on immediately for a Sockhead Cowl, one of my favorite patterns. All for -6.

WTD: -2 YTD: -12

I’m “saving” you this week

W/E 10/29/22 -26 (why yes, I did go shopping while in the Detroit area last week)

YTD -548

Oh how nice of you! Haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be repaying that favor soon. Minis count for so many points it’s insane.

I finished a multi-strand basket (+8) and made progress on other projects (+6). I also had a mini-set yarn prize come in (-10).

WTD = +4
YTD = -703