Week Ending 10/2/2021

Post your scores for the week here!!

I made a bit of progress just playing with yarn this week.

WTD +4

I received my order from LizB this week, -24 but I finished 5 skeins +10 Net:

[SIZE=24px]WE 10/2 -14
YTD +24.[/SIZE]

Working on a couple of large projects, nothing finished.


Still zero

I might need a fabric Stashbuster though. :wink:

Hobby Lobby had yarn 30% off this week (-16), and I made progress on my giant granny square blanket (+4).

WTD = -12

Another week of ZERO.

I didn’t post in time so I guess I’ll just count it next week? I got 12 balls of Lion Brand Home Town for a blanket.

I can put you in if you’d like. So would that be a -24? Just let me know and I’ll edit.

Yes -24. Thanks@crosstitchlinda

Time to come clean. I was out of town last week so I did not post. However, I got in a large package of yarn and this week and last I shopped the going out of business sale of our only LYS. So sad. Anyway, I chose to wait until this week to post it all. I am sure I will be shooting the :crescent_moon: I can’t imagine anyone else blowing it as big as I did. This time I am not one bit sorry. I have yarn for three blankets and some gorgeous berocco vintage for many small bunnies and assorted Amigurumi.

[SIZE=18px]WTD -87
YTD -26[/SIZE]

So sad for the LYS, but good for you on catching some good deals. Fun times ahead!

A sale like that isn’t going to come arround often. I would have dinner the same thing. We have a couple of nice LYS’s and I would be so upset if they closed!