Week Ending 10/1/22

Before I forget, here is this week’s thread.

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WTD +2
I made a pumpkin and a small blanket for my blanket stealing dog. :dog:

I worked on several projects but did not finish anything.

WTD = 0

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I bought three balls of Christmas sock yarn because I couldn’t resist and I used up one ball of Holst Garn Supersoft for the Love Note Sweater I’ve just started. That gives me a total of -4.

WTD -4

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4 skeins in 3 for a sweater for newest grandson, 1 club
5 skeins out

W/E 10/1 +2
YTD -552

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+2 this week

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Am I supposed to do the weekly results since I was the most negative? Or do I do next weeks numbers?

You can do next weeks numbers. Usually the person who shoots the moon will post the following week. I usually post on Monday because my Sunday’s are quite busy between church and family.

Great, thank you! I’ll take care of next weeks and make the starting post soon.

ok, thanks