Week Ending 10/03/2020

Post your score for the week - 09/27/2020 - 10/03/2020

I’m going to go ahead and post now so I don’t forget to do it. I’ve been away for an entire month. My Daddy passed away and it was a whirlwind of care and sorrow but now I’m ready to come back and beat down that stash!
WTD +2
YTD +218

i had a good week while I was away, before Daddy passed and I donated a bunch of yarn, too. That’s why my YTD reflects such a positive change.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope your pain from the loss eases with wonderful memories of him. Glad to have you back.

So sorry to hear the loss of your Daddy. Glad to have you back.

So sorry about you Father, try and remember all those fun times.

Thanks, everybody. He had a long, full life filled with friends and family and lots of love. He had been sick for a number of years so his passing was a relief to him and sad for us, but we have many good times to remember. He was quite a character.

[SIZE=22px]Week ending 10/3 +2[/SIZE]

YTD +168

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Oh I’m so sorry about your daddy.

No change for me this week but I’m pretty close to the end of several balls so maybe a good week coming soon.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your daddy. Prayers for you and your family.

I finished one ball this week…

But purchased and otherwise acquired 8 balls.

WTD: -14

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +4, YTD: +147 WE 10/3[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]I used up 4 partial skeins working on my granny square UFO.[/SIZE]

I’m so sorry about your dad!

I finished a baby socks and a dog this week
WTD +6

I finished off a ball of yarn, but I purchased two big skeins for various other projects. I almost finished off the first skein of my test knit; that will happen next week.

WTD = -2; YTD = +3

Well, I ended up with a big ol’ zero this week! That’s a win in my book!



I am so sorry for your loss. I pray you find all the comfort, strength and peace you need.

Welcome back…and Wow! Great job on the YTD score. Woo Hoo

I finished up a 2 skeins this week. WTD +4 YTD +35