Week Ending 1/21/23

Post your results for the week here.

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I have used up 0 balls of yarn this week!

That was simple!


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I finished my Pierre Shawl which used up four partial skeins +4, and now I’m using those leftovers on the Slumber Cowl and have completely used up two balls +2. Nothing new in this week!

WTD: 6 MTD: -21 YTD: -21


I finished one skein +2

W/E 1/21 +2
YTD -32

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I finished a hat (+2)
WTD +2

I finished a little work in progress bag, had to explain to my grandma’s caregiver why it had alphabet beads that said WIP on the front.
So +1 for me, few more items in the pipeline

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Week 0

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Late to reply…but wanted to have my info on the computer.
I used one Skein (-2) and bought one skein. (+2)

Total for week Zero (0)